SUMMER SALE ON OVERSTOCK ART MULTIPLES! 50% OFF from July 22 to July 25! Click HERE to go to the SHOP page! Includes the fused lollies, yellow puzzles, and bow-ties.

Nathalie Quagliotto art studio opens at 401 Richmond, studio 381, in Toronto. What a great opening party on July 11 !


The Lost Sign
Neon, 8 X 60 inches
CURRENT at ART MUR gallery in Montreal for the 'fresh paint and new construction' 10th anniversary exhibition July 19-August 30.

Maturity Correlation conjoined swing set intallation
Showing at FIGMENT Toronto on Olympic Island July 26-27. Come swing!

Stuck in the Past fused metal shopping carts currently at the SLATE ART GALLERY

GALLERY GALLERY GALLERY! 3 identical yellow neon signs open at the NIAGARA ARTIST'S CENTRE April 4-July 26, 2014 in the street level window space.